Fresca Foods partners with 1-2 brands per year out of the hundreds we research.  Why so few?  When we focus more resources on fewer brands, we can dedicate more of our time and energy to make each partner successful. So far it’s working, as over 90% of the brands we have partnered with are operating on a national scale with significant growth in revenue and profitability.


Fresca partners with brands that have the following characteristics:


Entrepreneurs and management teams that are high energy, passionate about their products and interested in a strategic equity partner.



Highly differentiated branded food products that compete in large, growing food categories and are made from simple, natural ingredients.



Gross margin is greater than 25% with a clear path to 40%+ (net of discounts).


Proof of Concept

Company revenue > $2 million during the past 12 months with growing velocity (week-over-week sales per store).


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